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English is extensively deemed as a subject, specifically in India. However in veracity, it is a language, in fact, ubiquitous language that is spoken in major part of the globe, accounting for third largest spoken language worldwide. But, most of us, considered it merely a language hence instead of mastering it we try to run after scoring marks which is not wrong but in this process we forget learning important aspects of it. Every language predominantly has four parts e.i. Speaking, Listening, writing and reading. All these parts are pivotal for learning any language but writing and reading skills are underrated particularly in student’s life and unfortunately these two are the most important in a student life. Consequently, our students despite having remarkable ideas find it difficult to express their ideas begetting low academic performance.

At Baidya Sapient Home Tutors, our well-educated and experienced English tutors not only accentuate only on covering academic syllabus but, ameliorating students writing and reading skills with more focus on grammar and vocabulary enhancement, as we opine that with great writing skills students scoring high marks chances increases considerably. Moreover, Baidya Sapient English tutors also work on creative writing as merely opting for right vocabulary and grammar do not suffice for immaculate writing skills.

If you think your ward should not confine to just syllabus completion and scoring high marks sans learning important parts of a language, enrol him/her for our best English tutor and experience the transformation in his/her mastery over English language.