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If students of the present generation are apprehensive about any subject then it is certainly Maths as most of them either abominate it or score abysmally low marks in the subject. However, it is evident that without mastering Maths students cannot perform well in academics as in higher studies Mathematics involvement is prevalent in all field e.g. Science, Commerce and other streams. and its application can be witnessed in almost all field e.g Physics economics, actuarial etc.

A good command in Maths opens a plethora of doors other than Science, Statistics, Actuary, Economics. Moreover, without it, you cannot excel other subjects as it is an integral part of other subjects. Therefore, it is very imperative to master in Math and it is only feasible if you have immense interest in Maths. But what if you do not have interest in it as most of the students find this subject tedious and difficult. but if maths taught with the right approach and lucid concept it can become most interesting subject and students find it one of the most scoring subjects as every year thousands of students score full marks in Math across all boards.

But it is unfortunate that Maths is feared in our country where some of greatest Mathematicians of all time were born e.g Aryabhata, Bhaskaracharya and Ramanujan. It is owing to unconventional teaching method that makes it boring subject.

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