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How We Work ?

BS Home tutors is a Delhi based bureau that provides all subjects classes e.g. Accounts, Maths, Economics, Business Studies, Statistics, English, Science, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Computer Science, History, Pol Science, Sociology, Cost, Accounting, Financial Management(FM) and many language classes.


Parents/ students contact us and fill the form, to specify required subject, location and budget etc.


Based on the criteria provided by parents/students, we search the best tutors among the hundreds of tutors for you, taking into consideration tutors' experience, knowledge and other criteria.


Our selection of tutors is exclusively based on your requirement e.g. budget, experience etc.


Once parents/ students are interested in opting for class. We provide demo class as per the time availability and convenience of student and tutor to decide tutors' teaching-style, experience and other relevant aspects.

Description :

Baidya Sapient Home tutor has been in the field of home tutoring since 2013 and considered one of the best home tutor service providers in Delhi-NCR region. In a very short span of time, it has produced excellent results and provided home tutor service to over thousands of students. With more than 500 highly experienced & specialised home tutors in its network. In-depth knowledge and concept-based teaching methodology, that makes its tutors different from other tutors.

Highly Qualified and experienced tutors

Baidya Sapient Home Tutors is one of the few home tutors in Delhi-NCR region, which has over 500 Highly Qualified and experienced tutors.

Tutors for a variety of subjects

We have more than twenty single subject different Home tutors providing home tuition from Class 1 to XII, All Graduation and Post Graduation classes etc…

Teachers with single subject domain

We are the only Home Tutors in Delhi, that has single subject domain tutors, with very high academic background e.i. PhD.

Affordable and reasonable Fees

We charges affordable fees based on the customer demand starting from Rs 200 per hour class.

Continuous feedback

We monitor students performance continuously and take suitable steps to augment his academic performance and provide continuous feedback to parents.

Continuous Assessment

We take continuous assessment of students, and evaluate their weak areas and focus on them, ameliorate them.

Free subject notes/study material

We provided quality study material based on previous year paper and concept.


Our vision is to assist and guide students of all age groups to accomplish academic excellence in there The student lives and encourage them to think innovatively and eschew rote learning, as we opine that merely scoring high marks does not guarantee success in life but high marks with the knowledge that dominate the world. Therefore, we encourage students to make mistakes but discourage them to repeat it as we believe in “a person who never made a mistake, never tried a new thing-Albert Einstein” Every student is a genius in himself; all it needs to discover his interest and provide him right guidance and encouragement to shine like a star in his life. Our team of professional tutors provides the exemplary support that enriches the learning experience of students with the learning environment and help them to shine in their life like a star.


Baidya Sapient Home Tutors has been in the field of imparting quality home tutoring services since 2013 and as of now produced a remarkable result of thousands of students in a very short span of time. With a projected growth, we can anticipate exponential student’s enrollment for different subjects. Our Vision is to provide more than 5000 students by the end of the year 2020 without compromising in students result or our service quality. As per recently launched scheme “Beti Bachao- Beti Padao” by our honorable PM Narendra Modi. We shall also provide girls students home tutoring services at subsidised fees. Moreover, we are also taking into consideration commencing Scholarship both partially and fully, where students owing to their financial conditions are not deprived of quality education. We are committed to providing quality education to the nation where we also proudly include ourselves in nation building.


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