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Every year competition for the already scarce and coveted seats in prestigious universities is intensifying as the number of students is unstoppably skyrocketing. Moreover, it is also evident that our future generation is not receiving the quality education as almost all schools have opted for providing rot learning where students are asked to memorise the entire books and vomit out in the exam. Learning can be measured in terms of marks. Higher marks exhibiting higher learning which is categorical false.

Moreover, overcrowded classrooms are not suitable for any students as their queries are not resolved timely and elaborately as the teachers are in a hurry of completing the syllabus. In this process, fast and slow learner students lose the maximum as they are unable to raise questions. this is particularly hazardous for junior class students as their curiosity is at peak and they want to learn as much as possible. therefore it is essential that the junior class students get special attention for addressing their curiosity. at that age, their foundation of the subject is cemented and if their base is not strengthened, they may confront challenges in mastering the basic concept at higher classes.

We at BS home tutors, ensure that your child’s all curiosity is resolved with pertinent answers. Our well-experienced tutors teach in a manner in which young brains are encouraged to think out-of-the-box and beyond the boundaries of the syllabus. Because we believe that syllabus is nothing but a boundary that confines students learning capabilities.