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Gone are the days when merely learning and mastering English language was deemed adequate for one’s personal and professional growth. In those days it was considered as an additional skill and every individual wanted to learn the global language to outpace their friends/colleagues in the learning field.
But today as India experiencing exponential growth and per capita income of Indian is also increasing, owing to this fact, more parents are now willing to send their child to private schools where special attention is paid on the over-all development of students and now almost all schools offer a foreign language to their students.
In recent years, the demand of foreign language learning has exponentially increased particularly for Spanish, German, French, Japanese, Chinese and many other foreign languages. As more MNCs are doing their business in India, working professionals’ inclination towards learning foreign languages have gain momentum. With additional foreign language knowledge, their chances of getting lucrative package have indubitably risen.
In recent time, due to the vast popularity of Internet, parents are now aware of foreign universities and wish to send their children to foreign university for higher studies particularly for medical and engineering as in India there is acute dearth of quality universities in comparison to foreign universities e.g. Massechut Institute of Technology, Oxford University, Stanford University and many more and those which can vie with these foreign universities in all aspects are less in number. So, parents want to send their children foreign universities for which learning foreign language is a must
According to various national and international research, another advantage of learning foreign language is that it ameliorates person’s cognitive abilities or intelligence, that is the main factor that every other parent want their child to learn at least one foreign language other than English as it has now become mandatory cum necessary language for the new generations.
There are a plethora of scope as foreign language teachers and many teachers have opted it as their full-time career and earning well without devoting immence time working. In coming years, as per various experts and academicians, learning a foreign language would become necessary as it would be used more frequently. So, are you ready for that change?